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  1. Hi, Need a stat expert to share the significance of each test, the Hypothesis testing phase... When to use what Matrix is of course important.. but more than that.. I would be keen on knowing the conceptual reason.. if there is a litreature i can refer to it will be great... Examples of these tests being used in the past would be a real help.... VK ... An ex trainee is in need.... Thanks Prabhu Subramanian
  2. Hi, First of all i would suggest that you translate these expressions of problems into a measurable metric such as penetration rate, volume of production. Then benchmark against Industry best to be project goal based on which we can kick it off... Then create a team move on to measure
  3. Thats excellent, I am sure this will help.. I sometimes wonder We guys practicing Six Sigma ensure that a Man is turned into a machine... lol
  4. Hi Vk, I am benchmark Six Sigma Black Belt, I need the hypothesis testing matrix. The matrix which tell me which test to use when Y continous X dicrete normaln non normal etc.. Need it urgently... It will be great if you could please share it by tommorow
  5. Dr Bala, Truly appreciate and thank you for your help. I know have another doubt which is pertaining to attribute RnR, what is the acceptable rnr result in service sector Thanks Prabhu
  6. Thanks Dr Bala then why not directly look at CPk when its inclusive of CP, I mean we do give a lot of importance to CP as well where as CP will increase if the process width is high where process owners don't have control and i client specified. and also I wanted some more clarity on how we calculate K which is the shift in the process and why isn't that a part of CPk calculation
  7. Hi, Thanks this was indeed useful, could you please help me understand what does MIN denote in the CPk formula.
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