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  1. How does the Box Plot calculated the max number since the data that I had varies. If the maximum data for example had 3 different maximum limits, which will be the once selected by Box plot and determined as Q3 or Q1 (form minimum data)?
  2. So Gupta based on this Box Plot what can you rule out between these 2 SLots. I know this is a negative skewed with Q3 at Slot 6 and the upper value the same compared to SLot 2 Q3 is 86.6 while the upper value at the whisker is 91.4. Do you think these 2 slots data acceptable?
  3. The study is basically to understand the Slot performance in terms of temperature. We have a total of 6 Slot and what I observed was SLot 1,2 and 3 does not exceed the temperature limits whereas Slot 4,5 and 6 kind of different behavior. Enclose also the data that I crunched and the reason why I use Box Plot is because the temperature data varies from -75C to +85C. I was told from the lean expert that box plot is the tool that tell me the Slot performance when performing a temperature study. Probably you have better suggestion that what I am doing and some proposal. Thanks raw Data.xlsx
  4. Need your input/advice on this Median of the Box plot which I crunched. This data is temperature data which I had measured (Hot to Cold temp) and I only took the range between 15 minutes data with the interval log at 10sec. Base on this both the mean varies and if I see the Q1 on both graph: Slot 6 is more 21.8 compare to Slot 2 i.e 10.29. Since the temperature data I captured varies from +85C to -75C and the data log for every 10 seconds, is this make sense in terms of derivative an issue taking into account on the variable which varies? Secondly does it really a concern on the whisker since these Box Plot are in negative skewed. Thirdly I understand that if could crunched the Box Plot in a positive Quartile, that would be better. What about this negative skewed? Thx
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