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  1. Thank you for the helpful information Vishwadeep My question was driven by the fact that other quality folks in my organization believe that the "sample" lot of parts require 100% inspection of all part features. I was adamant that this logic made no sense. If you've performed a FAIR why would the Customer require additional parts to be inspected 100%. As to your input; the parts in question have no KC's or Critical features, which would further support my logic.
  2. I've read numerous threads at this site related to inspection sampling and sampling plans, and I was unable to find an answer to the following question. I apologize if this question was previously asked and answered. Question: When performing a sample lot inspection of 13 parts out of a lot of 79 and accepting on Zero defects, are the 13 parts to be inspected 100%, i.e. is every part feature / characteristic on the engineering drawing to be inspected? Thank you
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