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  1. Thank you for your feedback Sandeep, Pranjal and Srikanth. Pranjal, I am glad you appreciate the scope of this article and you have a very valid concern there which is about the clear demarcation between deciding based on data and gut feeling respectively, well, the idea is to use data as far as possible in all decisions that one takes, to the extent available and can be processed. One should resort to intuition based decisions only when there is no data available to rely upon or the decision needs to be taken immediately. Also there are times when data at hand creates conflict, for example,
  2. The most essential facet of being a manager, be it in any walk of life, is for sure the one skill that differentiates him/her from anybody else and that is: Decision-making. It is most definitely the power, rather the ability of a person to take prudent, relevant and effective decisions that set him/her a notch ahead in the race that the corporate run comprises. Thus, we not only need to know what or why, but how to make decisions, how to make the choices that we make, to be able to foresee what lies in store having made those choices and to be positive that the alternatives have an opportunit
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