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  1. Hi Adit Thanks for your appreciation Almost everyone today considers data collection by organizations as a breach of privacy. As a result of which data governance is considered to be emerging discipline with an evolving definition. The discipline is a converging point for data management, data quality, data policies, business process management and risk management surrounding the handling of data in an organization. It’s through data governance that organizations and governments are looking to exercise positive control over the process and methods in use by their own data steward a
  2. Hi Rupak Thanks for the appreciation It is known fact that educators and education system have forever worked under the assumption that there are only certain problem areas. These problem areas were not backed by actual data or statistics but were based on the assumptions and perceptions of our educators. Often the team responsible for school improvement would end up addressing up a problem that may or may exist, thereby wasting precious resources and time. Data driven decision making here comes to the rescue. Data provides the educators with an overview of the strengths and weakness in
  3. Hi Utkarsh Thank you for the response Utkarsh allow me to bring to your notice the fact that we have moved from a world where mass consumption and mass production was the order of the day and the consumer was more obsessed with consuming the product rather than worrying what more it could derive the product . Today a customer looks more at what intangible value the product provides along with intangible value. People today want value for money, more for less, mass customization is the order of the day. There was a time when a single product satisfied a large customer base but today
  4. Hi Vishwadeep Thank You for the review In today’s world , innovation is the key to success but how far it will be successful depends on the amount of under served needs of the customer it address to. We all are capable of innovation but the key differentiator is the amount of success the individual innovation is capable of achieving. This is where data comes into picture. Data analytics can uncover patterns where none exist and help us in giving a direction towards the same. Every innovation we make can only be successful if it addresses the customer’s needs and wants. With copious am
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