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  1. @Rishab- Indeed it was a very new topic. I hope you liked it !!!
  2. @Sonal Sharma- Thank you very much for the appreciation !!!
  3. Hi Arko, I hope you liked it and was informative for you. Thanks for supporting me!!!
  4. @Anamika- Thank you....I hope it was informative for u...n increased your knowledge about the topic !!!
  5. @Amit Kumar- Thank you very much for your perspective. Yes there may be few shortcomings and I should have given more examples but due to work constraint I have to cut short my article. But surely if you want to know more about it, you are free to ask.
  6. @Jatin- Thank you very much for enlightening with that useful knowledge about OBI tool. I will certainly try to know more about it.
  7. Hi Deepti, Thank you for your interest in the article. That is a very good question, because in the entire article and discussion so far I have only focused on industrial aspect, but you came up with question about day to day life. In our day to day activities we also use DDDM, but the thing is that we do that in sub-conscious mind and not intentionally. For example, if you want to go to your relatives place on a holiday and you have numerous routes to follow. Then you will certainly look at all the aspects like traffic density on a particular route, length of route and if you have some ot
  8. Hi Sameera, Thank you for showing interest in the article. It is true that data-driven decision making is very helpful in every sector whether it is marketing, operations or retailing. But the most important is to use it in a proper way as required. For example, let us consider your company's case only if your company uses the previous records to identify the more perspective target consumers then it will certainly help you to improve your revenues. Also company can carry out some survey for the class for people preferring your product so that you can sell only to those people. This wi
  9. Hiii Aryan Verma, Thank you for your comments and perspection. Talking about your question, I totally agree that we don't see much use of DDDM in day to day operations of a company. But in reality it is not so that they don't exist. It is just that it is the back-end which does the analysis work and only the simple report is presented to the management. So we feel that it is not useful. But as I have stated earlier also that DDDM helps in making proper and accurate decisions in our operations. Coming to your second part of query, it is true that demand varies daily. But if we use t
  10. @Prashant Sharma_71068- Thank you very much for those works. Hoping that it helps you.
  11. @Anita Naikwadi- Thank you for showing interest in this article. As far as your question is concerned, there are a few problems associated with DDDM as it is by nature that everything has both positive and negative aspects. Some of the problems with data-driven decision making is that: - it is difficult to gather data and then analyze - the time required for decision making is generally higher as compared to by gut feeling - experts in the field has to be hired which imposes extra cost on the organization But in spite of all these problems, the pros of DDDM are much more thereby making it lu
  12. Data driven decision making (DDDM) As it is rightly said by Plato, “Necessity is the mother of inventionâ€; it comfortably fits in the life and business perspective. In today competitive world, we cannot even think of succeeding over others if we are not better than them. It is applicable in both day to day lives as well as in Businesses. In day to day life, we have numerous examples of us competing with our colleagues for ranks, posts or various other things. But it is the candidate which has better skills and qualities will always succeed. This thing is al
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