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Participant Interview - Manmeet Wilkhoo, Assistant Manager, Quality In Hr With Airtel.



On behalf of Benchmark Six Sigma, Vishwadeep Khatri interviewed Manmeet Wilkhoo, who has undergone Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt training from Benchmark Six Sigma.

BSS : Manmeet, can you share with us details of your career journey till now?

Manmeet Kaur: I started my career in August 2003 with Tata Honeywell (it was a campus recruitment). I moved to Lucknow with Birla Sunlife Insurance and was with them for 3 years. I had completed Green Belt while at Birla Sunlife. This job profile was related to recruitment of Sales people and provide training. I then moved to Unicorn (Unicorn has 25 business units) where I worked as a trainer. I worked here for 8-9 months. I was managing all training there, creating training manuals etc. I did some Six Sigma projects on PF consolidation, joining kit cycle TAT reduction, and attrition reduction. I have recently moved to Airtel as Assistant Manager Quality. I am working here in HRMS. HR shared services is a new concept in India. We carried out some projects here. SOPs here are my responsibility. Compliance and auditing is also a part of my profile here. My objective is to get people trained on quality. We are doing Value Stream Mapping for some processes. I am a part of nation-wide Gallop India project. I have also been doing some DFSS projects. I work with IBM teams for some of the projects. We are developing several employee friendly tools and KM tools.

BSS : Manmeet, was there something that can be considered as an important decision in your career (which you can regard as the turning point of your career?)

Manmeet Kaur: Taking steps towards quality has been my turning point in my career. In Airtel, I am getting great opportunities using Quality in HR. So, moving toward Six Sigma was indeed a turning point in my life as I am able to visualize the bigger picture now.

BSS: Which phase do you find as the most challenging during Six Sigma projects?

Manmeet Kaur: While working on JD's for UNICORN business units, clubbing JD's into just 10 PMS formats was a specific big challenge. Presenting them to all people required creating one single URL that provides Business Units - Guidelines - Division. A person now clicks on IT (let us say) - JDs - Executive (let us say) - Profile with KPIs come up - PMS format is also visible.

BSS: How has Six Sigma impacted your career?

Manmeet Kaur: I was with a captive unit during my GB and BB where I did not find many opportunities. I was able to enter the Quality role within HR, which is very much in line with my career objective.

BSS : You have undergone GB, BB, MBB training from Benchmark. How was your experience?

Manmeet Kaur: Absolutely wonderful in terms of material and presentation. I have benefited a lot.

BSS : Do you have any suggestion for our programs?

Manmeet Kaur: One or two case studies from HR domain would be great during training.

BSS: Which Six Sigma tools have you applied more often?

Manmeet Kaur: I have been using TMAP, Pareto, C-E matrix/ analysis, FMEA most often in DMAIC

projects. I am relying on Lean in almost all HR processes.

BSS: What career direction do you see for yourself in the coming period?

Manmeet Kaur: To grow in the field of quality and Six Sigma and become head of department of some good organization in the coming years.

BSS: Thanks for your time and suggestions. I have noticed that you have persisted with Quality domain and succeeded. Best wishes for your career progress.


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