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Participant Interview - Dr. Kiran A Singh, Pursuing Mha, Apollo Institute Of Hospital Administration.





Shantanu Kumar interviewed Dr. Kiran Singh to understand career journey till now and future plans for Six Sigma implementation in areas of interest.


BSS : Can you share with us details of your career journey till now?

Yes, I am a medical graduate in Ayurved Medicine and Surgery from Sion College - Mumbai and also had done Casualty internship J.J. Hospital Byculla, Shahapur - Sub district Rural Hospital, Sion Ayurved Hospital. Post graduate diploma in Emergency and Medical Services from P.D Hinduja Hospital - LIHS - Mumbai with Internship in IntensiveCareUnit in P.D. Hinduja Hospital Mahim along with emergency Ambulance services of 1098 - LIHS in Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai, and Residential Medical Officer in Deep Nursing Home. I am currently pursuing Masters in Hospital Administration from Apollo Institute of Hospital Administration - Hyderabad along with summer internship in Bombay Hospital with projects on: Utilization of Main Operation Theatre & Work Procedure Analysis of Departments of Bombay Hospital. As, a satisfied customer is a brand ambassador for any organization where as a dissatisfied customer creates more loss opportunities for the organization, also implicated in Health Care Industry, inspired me to go for Green Belt Six Sigma Certification and Benchmark as a right conveyor for it.

BSS: How has Six Sigma impacted your personal and professional life?

Personally, it has provided Intellectual level of thinking uncommon from others along with a feeling that I can pave a correct path of decision towards any problem arising, in very structured and organized way.

Professionally, it has helped me a lot for stepping ahead in Project in Laboratory of Apollo Hospital Hyderabad and also participate during Audit of National Accreditation Board of Laboratories.

BSS: What kind of Six Sigma projects have you been working on? Are there any projects which you would like to mention?

I have completed a Green Belt Six Sigma DMAIC project on "Turn Around Time for dispatch of reports from Microbiology Laboratory - Serology Section" where the ability to provide error free specimen's transport process and to provide timely laboratory results is of utmost importance.

Lab samples come from various departments to main laboratory situated in Apollo Health Street, Jubilee Hills. Our objective is that the reports should reach the Dispatch counter within the turnaround time. I worked on a project to optimize the workflow and reduced Turn around Time of the reports by 40%

In am keen to work and apply Six Sigma approach in some of the following projects:

  • Building Activity Based Costing Hospital Model using Quality Function Deployment and Benchmarking International Standards.
  • Preliminary outcome and Cost Benefit Analysis of Emergency Department of Hospital, Screening and Referral program for Patient aged 60 years or more.
  • Eminence Rehabilitation and Clinical Budgeting of Oasis of Indian medicine in a Hospital.
  • Simulation to increase efficiency of Outpatient Appointment Systems.
  • Time based analysis of Total Cost Analysis of Patient episodes.


BSS: You have undergone training from Benchmark. How was your experience?

Experience was magnificent where I came across people of different stream and made me realized that to what extent maintaining Quality and Operation Efficiency is essential for each field.

Words are falling short to express my gratitude to my trainer and Mentor Mr. Shantanu Kumar who made all the concepts clear and transparent with outstanding methodology of teaching & clarity on the subject during the training session and also helped in seeking the direction after finishing each step.

BSS: What kind of benefits have you derived due to Six Sigma knowledge? How has your job profile been impacted by Six Sigma expertise?

I was able to reduce turnaround time for dispatching of reports by removing unnecessary process steps and increase operation efficiency, which translated to significant benefits. Even it has given me mode for decisions to be taken for cost reduction along with revenue generation.

In case of Job Profile it is a value add and will help me in participating any needed Business Improvement project.

BSS: Which phase do you find as the most challenging in a Six Sigma project?

Define Phase, because in Health and Hospital Sector it is very difficult to define what customer wants and what processes deliver that for them. In my project, the Technicians, Delivery Boy and Receptionists of the dispatch centre, assisted in this phase.

Which Six Sigma tools have you applied more often?

I have been using Pareto Charts, Z short term, Z long term, capability indices, control charts, DFMEA and Hypothesis testing. Major metric for us is time and therefore lean tools like VA/NVA analysis has proved to be immensely helpful.

In future, I want to use Taguchi Methods for analyzing Quality Loss Function in Service Sector.

Thanks Sir, It is pleasure to get interviewed by Benchmark Six Sigma. And will be waiting for the opportunity to meet you again.


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