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Suresh Jayaram

How to Apply Six Sigma to Insurance Company

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ORIGINATOR: Dr.Shameem Rizwana

DATE: Wed Dec 10, 2008

Dear All,  


Ours is Insurance based company my (dept) company  is dealing with Govt.Aarogya Sri Scheme for BPL families.We have GMS,SGMS,DGMS,AGMS,HEAD OF THE DEPT,COODINATORS,DISTRIC COORDINATORS,AREAMANAGERS,NET WORK HOSPITAL EXECUTIVES,DISTRIC MEDICAL OFFICERS AND MEDICAL OFFICERS  around 3000 employees.From various network hospitals we get preauthorizations(patient related documents) we  have to give approvals. We got contract from Govt.to run the scheme.Daily we get 600 preauthorizations.  


I can apply Six Sigma on how much time taking in clearing the preauthorizations ,also I would like to  analyzing on financial aspects how I go about it.Plz can any body clarify where I can concentrate(Six Sigma Application) and how I start project.    


Regards     --

Dr.Shameem Rizwana

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Dear Shameem,


You may want to talk to some of your customers, managers within your

company, and map out the process to identify the "pain" areas. Once

you identify several opportunities for improvement, you will need to

compare them and select the best project using some sort of a project

prioritization process.


Some thoughts on projects in your field (in addition to the reduction

in time to make pre-approval decisions) are:

  1. Improve accuracy of pre-approval decisions (quality metric)
  2. Reduce cost of making pre-approval decisions (number of people involved, time, paperwork).
  3. Improve customer satisfaction scores from clients
  4. Reduce cost of capital (inventory, accounts payable/receivable)
  5. Grow business accounts (get pre-approvals from others to generate economies of scale)



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