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Participant Interview - Mr S Nageshwar, Head Manufacturing, Wrigleys.




Mr Nageshwar recently completed his Green Belt with us at Delhi (17th Feb to 20th Feb 2010). The young engineer with a passion for Automotive and operational efficiency is also among our Green Belt top scorers all over India. Following are the excerpts from an interview.

Q1) Tell me briefly about your educational and professional journey so far ?

A) I am B.Tech (Mech) and have been in the industry for around 17 years. Worked in industries such as auto component, steel, chemicals in various functions like operations, maintenance, projects and am presently working with Wrigely's- one of the world's leading confectionary manufacturer, heading the TPM implementation for both Baddi and Bangalore manufacturing facilities.

Q2) How was the experience overall?

A) Excellent. I would rate this as one of the very best training programs that I have attended. The ease with which a complex subject like six sigma was explained was simply amazing.

Q3) How do you plan to apply the learning of this program on the professional front? What methods do you think will you apply most?

A) Pick up couple of problems that we have not been able to solve thus far and will try to apply the tools learnt. Will follow the DMAIC methodology for identified projects.

Q4) Are you looking forward to pursue higher belts at some later stage in your career?

A) Yes. It will be better to develop deeper insights into Six Sigma methods as I am planning its long term application.

Q5) In case you need help during implementation, will you be comfortable in using the Fraternity for discussions?

A) Yes. It would be interesting to interact with others doing similar work across the world.

Q6) Like you, there would be more people willing to pursue this GB programme. If they are from your industry or organisation, would you be willing to assist them in taking a decision?

A) Certainly yes. I personally think Six Sigma requires a lot of networking and assistance.


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