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Willis Tower Watson 

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Feedback from participants at Willis Tower Watson.


The course was well prepared and the concepts were explained well. It was an interactive session and I was highly engaged during the course.
– Anil Bhujanga Shetty, Willis Towers Watson

I learned advanced tools related to organisation & operation improvement to apply in day to day activities. Execution by the trainer was very nice.
Anisha Nair, Willis Towers Watson

Got an insight on DMAIC execution and examples shared to relate the concept to the topics. Trainer made this course interesting, lively and interactive. Knowing the topic, I personally felt that the training was provided in an enthusiastic environment. The examples which he quoted were easy to connect and hence it helped the learnings as well.
-Deepak Jayakar Shetty, Accounting & Settlement – Team Supervisor, Willis Tower Watson

The training was wonderful and I am very keen to attend another in the future.
-Girish Ramchand Dawra, Accounting & Settlement – Assistant Manager, Willis Tower Watson

Trainer had impressive workshop delivery, very well trained and kept the environment lively with his skills. Well done.
-Jaya Chhabria, Willis Towers Watson

Understanding of the tools and appropriate application to aid Operations. Concepts explained very well in detail. Training has been very engaging and was carried out well.
-Jia P Talreja, Willis Towers Watson

Really liked the way the training was conducted. Lots of relevant examples were shared.
-Johnson Mathew, Accounting & Settlement, Willis Tower Watson

The best part of the training was the examples used, which helped in building the concept understanding.
Kavita Baneet, Willis Towers Watson

The trainer gave detailed understanding of the concepts and made the training humorous and explained the concepts with real examples.
-Kunjal Panchal, Willis Towers Watson

The topics were very well connected with real life scenarios and hence easy to relate and understand.
-Laveena Rajesh Jiandani, Accounting & Settlement – Technical Support Business Supervisor, Willis Towers Watson

I was able to learn how to apply Six Sigma tools in our current processes.
-Makin Ahmed Sharif, Willis Towers Watson

The presenter was excellent and well versed with the topic which helped in better understanding, execution of the techniques and examples were shared, hence would highly recommend people to learn from Benchmark Six Sigma.
-Manisha Lilani, Accounting & Settlement Business Team Supervisor, Willis Towers Watson

The trainer made the course very informative with some very good examples.
-Pallavi Bhale, Willis Towers Watson

Learned how the data needs to be analysed by identifying the type of data and applying the correct method to understand where the problem lies. The humorous way to teach the heavy topics is the best part. Keep the humour going!
-Parita Sanghvi, Technical Support Team Supervisor, Willis Towers Watson

The examples connected with the concepts which made the learning more interesting.
-Pechiammal Konar, Assistant Manager, Willis Towers Watson

The way the training was conducted along with the Examples was impressive. Learned basics of statistics and its tools.
-Sagar Ramesh Devlekar, Willis Towers Watson

Learned various tools and how to apply them. Also, the execution of the program by the trainer was fantastic.
-Sakshi Jagdish Rane, Great Britian – Accounting & Settlement, Willis Towers Watson

The execution and examples shared to relate the concept to the topics was great. The presenter kept the session very lively. The topics were conveyed excellently.
-Sandhya Sujitkumar, Assistant Manager, Willis Towers Watson

The session was interactive and presenter made it interesting. 
-Sheetal Vijay Vyavahare, Willis Towers Watson

Best Trainer I have ever had. He made the heavy content relatable using very generic and relatable examples.
-Varadharaj G. Pillai, Technical Support Team Supervisor, Willis Towers Watson

Facilitator made this session very interesting. He ensured that concepts are crisp and clear. Pre-Course Work, Contents covered extremely well. Sample Paper helped in analysing what to expect in each process of Green Belt.
-Viral Patre, Business Support Team Supervisor, Willis Towers Watson

Trainer’s delivery and multiple ways taught to keep process lean and efficient. Theory made easy, and humorously by the trainer!! Learning Made easy, theory and bookish topics were delivered innovatively.
-William Dias, Operations Manager, Willis Towers Watson