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Vikram Solar

Workshop Photographs

Feedback from participants at Vikram Solar.

The course design was logical and instructions were easy to follow. The instructor was helpful. The complete training was ‘learning with humor’.
– Meenakshi Chaudhary, Manager, Vikram solar.

The entire presentation was excellent and time oriented. This course is really a good tool for every process owner to get their desired result.
– Amal Kumar Nayak, DGM – Domestic Sales, viikram Solar.

Effective Tools with faster analytics & conclusions. Excellent Course to develop emerging industries.
– Anil Peter Varsila, Ast. Manager, Vikram Solar.

The way the entire course was presented in such a short time is admirable.
– Arindam Samanta, Project Coordinator, Vikram Solar.

The presentation was realistic which can be correlated with the projects as well as real life situations.
– Arun Kumar Banerjee, AGM – Engineering & Projects, Vikram Solar

The training actually takes you through a different world where you come to know about many systematic ways to solve a problem, look at a problem, risk assessment. Very interactive and very informative.
– Neha Agrawal, Manager, Vikram Solar.

The Instructor and course material was bang on. It was very helpful in learning the process.
– Prateek Agarwal, Assistant Manager – Taxation, Vikram Solar.

It was interactive and efforts were made to make the concept clear rather than just mugging up the Study material.
– Rohit Srivastava, AGM- Finance, Vikram Solar.

“Amazing Teaching.” Easier way of understanding concepts. Mr Khatri has an uncanny knack of teaching with conceptual examples . The course was very well understood and I’ll advise many of my colleagues and friends to enroll in Benchmark Six Sigma’s programs and especially to get trained by Mr Khatri.
– Vishanth Venkatesh, Sr Engineer-R&D, Vikram Solar.