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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt at SBI Life Insurance

Feedback from participants at SBI Life Insurance.

Practical and relevant workshop. It would be very helpful if we implement these concepts in real work environment. This program is a MUST for any progressive organisation serious about improvement. The trainer was excellent on all counts. He made the topics interesting and easier to understand.
– Ashlesha Chandrashekhar Natu, SBI Life Insurance

I liked the course content and the way it has been delivered.
– Bharani Babu Yammanuru, Associate Vice President, SBI Life Insurance

Concepts presented with clarity and simplicity including complex subjects The Benchmark’s lean six sigma course is well spread out and conceived for any heterogeneous group with varying skill sets to understand easily and the pedagogy of presentation of subject matter including materials, problems, case studies is quite perfected and appropriate to suit all such corporate groups. The presenter has done an outstanding job in keeping the session lively and active participation of entire team at almost all points of time. Very appropriate scenarios presented.
– K. Ramkumar, Dy.Chief Operating Officer, SBI Life Insurance

Content of the course was good and trainer’s lecture was excellent with great insights on quality. Want to implement it in my area of work. Excellent Course and a must for all middle and senior level management professionals. One of the Best faculty.
– M Chandrasekar, Vice President, SBI Life Insurance

The content delivery by the Instructor was excellent. He could explain 6 -sigma in a very simple way. One of the best instructors for any course that I have ever attended. Simply Outstanding.
– Nehal Ahmad, Vice President, SBI Life Insurance

I liked the Course content, examples, projects and the trainer. Simply superb trainer for corporate executives to plan and implement various process excellence projects in your company.
– Rajanikanth Vurimi, Sr Vice President, SBI Life Insurance

Wonderful course and it was made understood very easily by various live/course examples. The faculty has excellent subject knowledge and made it as an interactive and interesting subject in spite of the topic being so technical.
– Rajkumari Chhabria, Vice President, SBI Life Insurance

Practical and purpose oriented and easy to understand training methodology. Content was very good. Training tools are particularly good. Trainer made the topics interesting.
– Rajnish Madhukar, Senior Vice President, SBI Life Insurance

I really liked the knowledge and examples on real life processes and situations.
– Saumya Singhal, Manager- Policy Servicing, SBI Life Insurance

Taught fundamentals and concepts with practical examples.
– Selvaraj Ramasamy, Head – Process Quality, SBI Life Insurance

Good content , practically useful , excellent delivery
– Snehalatha K, Sr Vice President, SBI Life Insurance