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Feedback from participants at OTA

Attending six sigma training opened my consciousness to what is possible only if do a little bit more to make numerical what seems innumerate. Even HR can be statistically driven – in totality.
-Nwadei Lucky, Human Resources Manager, HR, OTA

After getting this course I do hope can to better for a factory. 

-Danang Wicaksono, Technic Supervisor, Engineering, OTA

Mr. VK is an exceptionally the best trainer I had come across so far, his ‘Santa & Banta’ stories are the best related to the subject and keeps a participant alive all the time. 

-KalyanBabu Rajen, OTA

6 sigma is one course which is going to be very important not to have edge over competitors but even to sustain in the market. 

-Binay Saraf, Corporate Finance, Finance, OTA

I liked best the ability of the instructor to teach these concepts so that the come across as very simple, easy to understand and also to apply. 

-Ohiaeri Chioma N., HR and Administration Manager, OTA