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Northern Noodles Ltd.

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Feedback from participants at Northern Noodles

The instructor is very good in explaining the study.
-Adewale Oretuga, production Manager, Northern Noodles

Every business that is success driven should abide in six sigma concept for their business growth and customer satisfaction.
-Camillus Udeabanihu, Qc Manager, Northern Noodles

A great facilitator, well prepare the course and simple real practice example to provide quick understanding to Six Sigma.
-Eric Samalo, Treasury Head, Northern Noodles

A deep study of six sigma, the best way for overall growth.
-Sudhir Purushottam Sankhe, Technical Manager, Project, Northern Noodles

Using Minitab to analyze statistical test was the best about this course.
-Adeline Ayu Christanto, Product Development Manager, Northern Noodles