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Video of our participant from NIIT

Nikhil Puri, Head – Process Excellence, NIIT.

Nikhil as a head of process excellence mentions about his Lean Six Sigma journey that started as a Black Belt at GE. He provides an example of a project which had a turnaround time of 5 days and the client requirement of 3 days. The project ended up with halving the turnaround time with lesser manpower. He highlights a new migration plan created with Lean Six Sigma principles.

Feedback from participants at NIIT.

Hotel arrangements, Pace of the Course and Quiz time was really interesting and enjoyable.
– Sakshi Rohatgi, Senior Executive, NIIT

“The course provides an in-depth knowledge to understand the ways of making the business inputs better and to get desired outputs. The tools we learnt can be applied to almost all the verticals of a Company. I would take a moment to acknowledge the way the facilitator has delivered the contents so far – simply FANTASTIC, he made almost all the concepts very easy to understand. He is really a great trainer.
– Jandeep Singh, Manager, NIIT

From the very core of my heart, I really felt that the training was amazing and I will definitely come back for more programs. The way trainer explains each course with examples – that’s the best part of this training.
– Shilpi Arora, Senior Quality Controller, NIIT

Excellent approach to groom up new upcoming corporate executives.
– Souvik Halder, Trainer, NIIT

Benchmark is a brand in Lean and Six Sigma certifications along with experienced faculty & covering almost all the tools within a short span of duration.
– Mohit Arora, Manager, NIIT

Pre-course material was fantastic which led to generate interest in the program.
– Mohd Sadaf, Assistant Manager, NIIT

The trainer is excellent…I enjoyed and learned a lot from the training session provided by him.
– Devsena Mishra, Software Developer and Training Consultant, NIIT

Lean training from BSS provided value add in terms of financial benefits and gave insights to handle the projects in a better way. This is a good course to widen your thoughts.
– Vinay Chandra Nulu, Associate Project Manager, NIIT

The trainer explained the concepts in an easy to grasp manner. Excellent trainer.
– Meetu Lall, Delivery Manager, NIIT

I really liked the concept. I would like to thank the trainer for his valuable inputs..!!-
Gaurav Bathla, Project Lead, NIIT

I liked the involvement from both the facilitator and the participants. The course has an engaging format.
– Karan Singh, AM Client Service, NIIT

Presentation and interactive element of the course is worth mentioning. Currently the best Lean course in the market and very well planned.
– Sahil Sharma- Quality auditor, NIIT

Good training methods used for the delivery of the training.
– Nitin Chawla, LDO, NIIT

The engagement by the trainer, training delivery and group activities are unmatched. It gives a picture of business excellence.
– Priya Arora, Training Coordinator, NIIT

I liked the usage of notes on projector screen and live discussions. Nice content and very informative.
– Rupal Pathak, Project Manager, NIIT

Trainer’s ability to explain the concepts and grasp on the content is great. Excellent job done by the trainer. The ability to bring in energy just at the moment when it’s required is commendable.
– Suvercha, Project Manager, NIIT

The course starts with an objective to explain the lean concepts effectively and has been able to achieve the same within the time frame of 2 days. The examples that were given and the way it was explained is excellent.
– Pallavi Chatterjee, Manager – Client Sourcing, NIIT

>> Content was good.
>> Delivery type was effective.
>> Nice training methodology covering all areas in detail.
>> Facilitator: Super, helped in solving problems.
– Kratika Shukla, Team Manager, NIIT

Learning is always fun with Benchmark! This is second time I have attended their program and learnt the concepts easily. The trainer is great!
– Rahul Raghav, Assistant Manager, NIIT

Conversation based teaching and pace of the course is satisfactory. Topics are covered in a particular sequence and explained in detail. This training provides techniques which can easily be applied in the projects for better results.
– Anil Sharma, Project Manager, NIIT

Examples shared helped to correlate with our work. Made us to understand the concept clearly.
– P.Nisha, Senior Training Coordinator, NIIT

VSM and examples shared with us were excellent. Every initiative can make an impact through use of various lean techniques to identify the variables. For it can help create not only extraordinary processes but extraordinary people too.
– Kanu Sandhu, Content Analyst, NIIT

It is the best training I have ever had. Understood the process and fundamentals of lean from trainer very effectively.
– Prafull Khanduri, Technical Consultant, NIIT

The concepts were made very clear by relevant examples, discussions and activities. The training was great and added a lot of value to our existing processes. Also, changed the way we perceive things. Instead of viewing things internally, one starts observing things from customer’s perspective. Very Helpful Approach!
– Navjot Arora, Training Consultant, NIIT

Content was good and relevant and facilitator was quite knowledgeable. Real time examples were taken up and asked to act upon for better understanding. Keep up the good work!
– Surabhi Sharma, Assistant Manager-Client services, NIIT

Lean training was really lean. It was conducted in simplest possible way. Training environment was fun.
– Sandesh Singh, Training specialist, NIIT