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Feedback from participants at Multi Pro

The best thing about the course was it provides direction towards logical thinking and problem solving
-Amardeep Singh Risam, Finance Manager, Multi Pro

Training approach was the best. Keep practicing the tools learnt in black belt program.
-Himanshu Mittal, Manager Engg. Services, Multi Pro

I like the the DMAIC concepts the best about this course.
-Karan Checker, Head of Sales & Marketing, Multi Pro

Practical approach, Excellent program.
-Pawan Kumar Sharma, GM, Multi Pro

It equipped us with the tools to look into the all kind of problems and to get perfect solution for those problems.
-Abhimanyu Singh, Branch Manager, Sales, Multi Pro

Yes, the training is required over and above the professional and academic qualifications, because at the end of the day one has to assess his contribution to the growth of his organisation and to his own efficiency.
-Srikanta Kumar Pattanayak, Manager Finance, Logistics, Multi Pro

Statistical way of problem solving.
-Swatanter Saraswat, Branch Manager, Sales, Multi Pro

Best part of the course were content and the way of delivery of the trainer.
-Vivek Kesari, Branch Manager, Sales, Multi Pro

Dealt about the technical aspects well.
-Anant Mehta, Sales Manager, Sales, Multi Pro

The training is oriented towards training the students in problem solving through use of various data analysis tools and have a good inference ability.
-Arun Tiwari, Area Sales Manager, Sales Manager, Multi Pro

How to move ahead in the company by soughting out all the problem.
-Avin Garg, sales executive, Multi Pro

All testing part were the best.
-Ganesh Kumar Gaggar, Branch Manager, Sales, Multi Pro

Once we do this course we start applying the Six Sigma Techniques in our life to make our analysis, reporting and our activities easier.
-Piyush Surana, Branch Finance Controller, Finance, Multi Pro

Benchmark Six Sigma gives the six sigma course in an attractive bundled manner, which includes from the basic practical applications to tedious R&D problems. The attractive part is the structure of the course contents.
-Vishnu Vardhan, Sales Manager, Sales Manager, Multi Pro