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Ketan Trivedi, Mukund Suthar

Ketan trivedi and Mukund Sutar work for Arvind Limited, which is the world’s largest denim manufacturer. Ketan says, textile industry is one of the oldest manufacturing sectors and as this industry has evolved through several decades, most of the employees of the sector have a rigid framework of mind.

Mukund says, being an old industry, most of the people tend to know the solution to many problems and hence quickly jump to conclusions rather than performing the root cause analysis. Since the industry is mostly operated manually, workforce performance greatly affects the product yield and quality. So, their greatest focus now is on demonstrating database approach, systematic working and becoming change leaders, so that others in the industry are inspired and eventually join the cause. They have decided to do this by studying the company’s output for the past year and coming up with 4 projects to improve quality, improve productivity and enhance customer satisfaction. They plan to form teams of people and train them in Six Sigma tools. In totality, he says that the black belt curriculum that he has been exposed to by Benchmark Six Sigma’s certification program is very comprehensive and he hopes to use the tools for the success of his organization.