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Feedback of some of our participants from Maersk Group

I liked the usage of the advanced Statistical tool.
-Sri Ramana G, Liner Finance & Accounting – Business Process Improvement Lead, Maersk Group.

Given case studies are helpful for our future and current career. -C. Edward William Christy, Process Expert-Liner operations, Maersk Group.

Very interactive session and very valid examples to correlate with. A good training which helps even a layman to understand, learn and implement the six sigma mythologies not only in the office but anywhere he likes. The amount of understanding is that awesome!!! -Ganesh Parasuraman, Manager, Maersk Group.

Discussion based on real time scenario and questions and answers were really good. Training is more effective and 2 way. We could apply in our process through pacified method. Ganeshprabu K, Team Leader, Maersk Group.

The instructor has prioritized the topics, which is really good. World Class Six Sigma Training! -M. Manian, Asst. Manager, Maersk Group.

The trainer has very strong knowledge in the subject and excellent presentation skill. -Ravi Natarajan, Team Leader, Maersk Group.

I liked the way of training way and the examples quoted. The concepts were clearly explained with utmost clarity. -Sivaramakrishnan.K, Team lead, Maersk Group.

The workshop has been very informative, as well as awakening. There are so many tools available, but we just don’t use them! Not because we don’t want to, but because we do not know about them. The workshop has helped us know much more and in detail about these tools. I am sure we will make an effective use of these tools. -Leena Ganesh, Process Manager, Maersk Group.

I liked the course content and the way trainer conducted it. -Salma Pathan, Manager- Finance & Accounting, Maersk Group.

Training is done with sample exercises and case studies and the days learning always had a summary at the end of the day. The pre-course material was also made available. Experienced faculty with real time case studies – 6 sigma makes understanding and implementing concepts easy. -B Devinathan, Assistant Manager, Maersk Group.