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Lucky Fibres Plc

Workshop Photographs

Feedback from participants at Lucky Fibres Plc

It is very practicable and analyzable.
-Adebayo Olawale Wasiu, Senior Supervisor, Lucky Fibres Plc

“Its preciseness in decision making and providing a wonderful solution to problems as soon as they have been identified”.-Idowu Oluseye Ffranklin, Student, It, Lucky Fibres Plc

What I like about the course is that is a data driven approach to practical statistical analyses.-Jimoh Wasiu Adebayo, Process Engineer, Yarn, Lucky Fibres Plc

Teaching methods were very engaging. -Anjaneya.H, Production Manager, Back coating, Lucky Fibres Plc

Real life examples provided. -Siddhartha Khandelwal, Financial Controller, Lucky Fibres Plc

Studying the statistics in a structured manner and able to relate it with real life situations. -Vinay Dhanuka, General Manager, Lucky Fibres Plc

Well conducted course. Case study, quiz and of course the Analyze phase details were very interesting.
-Kalaskar, Chief Six Neeraj Sigma Officer, Operations, Lucky Fibres Plc