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Lean Six Sigma in Industrial Engineering Services

As per the industry classification benchmark, this industry sector includes the following subsectors –

Commercial Vehicles & Trucks – Manufacturers and distributors of commercial vehicles and heavy agricultural and construction machinery, including rail cars, tractors, bulldozers, cranes, buses and industrial lawn mowers. Includes non-military shipbuilders, such as builders of cruise ships and ferries.

Industrial Machinery – Designers, manufacturers, distributors and installers of industrial machinery and factory equipment, such as machine tools, lathes, presses and assembly line equipment. Includes makers of pollution control equipment, castings, pressings, welded shapes, structural steelwork, compressors, pumps, bearings, elevators and escalators.

  • Case Study DescriptionA manufacturer of agricultural equipments wanted to reduce the number of times system cleanout was done in the production unit. The cleanout costs were high as it included chemical costs, labour costs, and waste treatment costs.

    This decision could not be taken just based on gut feeling or opinion of subject matter experts. Process capability was evaluated for the current production mechanism. Historical data was used for capability assessment. Freshly collected data after measurement system checks was used to validate the findings from historical data.

    It was finally proved through hypothesis tests that six monthly frequencies (instead of the monthly frequency) had no adverse impact on the functioning of plant or quality of the product. This led to cost reduction and higher productivity for the manufacturer.

Feedback from participants


This training is worth doing and it helped me a lot in streaming out process.
-Manoj Kr. Sinha, Asst. Manager, Tata Motors Ltd.

This course has made significance difference in my understanding about the six sigma methodology. What I was thinking before it is a tool useful to improve quality. But now I understand it can be used almost to solve any chronic business problem. Also I understood the methodology. This was very useful training.
-Vikas Narkar, Lean Manager, Technocraft.

This is a fantastic course that must be learnt by the key players in an organisation. All real life problems can be analyzed statistically and solution can also be identified statistically that can be used as a real life solution.
-P. Bhaskar, Quality Engineer, Terex India Private Limited.

The program structure is something we can vouch for.
-Akarsha N. S., Senior Engineer- Planning, Audco India Limited.

Six Sigma tools and methodology are available for any form of problem.
-Sanyogita Shrivastava, Manager -Engineering, Pace Engineering Industries.

I am impressed with the course content and the way it was delivered by the instructor.
-Jeetendra Kumar Singh, Head R & D Manager, CCI Control Components Inc.

Large breadth of concepts covered with practical exercises and case studies.
-Ranjit Gopi, Sr. Engineer, Audco India Limited.