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Lean Six Sigma in Technology Hardware & Equipment Services

As per the industry classification benchmark, this industry sector includes the following subsectors –

Computer Hardware – Manufacturers and distributors of computers, servers, mainframes, workstations and other computer hardware and subsystems, such as mass-storage drives, mice, keyboards and printers.

Electronic Office Equipment – Manufacturers and distributors of electronic office equipment, including photocopiers and fax machines.

Semiconductors – Producers and distributors of semiconductors and other integrated chips, including other products related to the semiconductor industry, such as semiconductor capital equipment and motherboards.

Telecommunications Equipment – Makers and distributors of high-technology communication products, including satellites, mobile telephones, fiber optics, switching devices, local and wide-area networks, teleconferencing equipment and connectivity devices for computers, including hubs and routers.

Applications of Six Sigma in IT Hardware Industry

IT hardware Industry has been upwardly mobile over the past decade with quick penetration of products like PCs, Notebooks, Notepads, Laptops in the Industry as well as the households. Growth is again fraught with challenges because as the customer base grows and new competitors emerge there is a dire need for the companies in this sector to innovate, maintain margins and enhance customer satisfaction. The pressure is all the bit more because it is a price sensitive sector. Given this scenario Lean Six Sigma is naturally applicable in the industry as the need is to strengthen, optimize and improve all processes that impact margins, customer satisfaction as well as innovation. Some of the areas of Six Sigma application are:

  • Enhancing Innovation capabilities by improving related processes
  • Improving the value perception of products
  • Reducing the number of defective products
  • Reducing the warranty costs
  • Quick resolution of customer complaints

Video Description

Tiina Liisa Huhtanen from ST Ericsson, explains “There is a lot more to Six Sigma than just quality tools.

Case Study Description:

  • A large hardware company found that its repeat despatch rate (RDR) was as high as 6.5% for orders booked online or over telephone. Six Sigma team worked on this assignment and brought down the RDR to less than 2%. Such applicaitons of six sigma in hardware industry resulting in reduction of RDR had a significant impact on customer satisfaction scores and repeat/ referral business.
  • One of the world’s largest sellers of office products found that in its various product delivery models (including stores, direct mail, contract delivery, internet, and b2b deliveries), the requirement of 99% timely and correct delivery was not being met. The errors were classified as oversight, transcription, and conceptual. Applicaiton of Lean and Six Sigma techniques led to vital decisions that brought about the desired 99% quality in terms of accuracy and timeliness.

Feedback from participants

Benchmark Black Belt course helped us in learning more on statistical concepts, which would really take us to the next level in this field.
-Jayakumar, Sr. Executive, Dell Services.

The Trainer of Benchmark Six Sigma- What an Asset!! He has got wonderful presentation techniques.
-Sanjay Jhamb, Head of Solution Management- RDST & APAC, Nokia India Pvt. Ltd.

It was a wonderful learning with live and relevant examples, case studies. Trainer was wonderful while encouraging an atmosphere of interactive participation from everyone.” – Neelabh Singh, Site Quality Manager, ST Microelectronics Pvt. Ltd. 6 Sigma is a course which can be helpful in any kind of problem solving and we can relate it anywhere in our day to day life.
-Venu Gogia, Quality Manager, ST Microelectronics Pvt. Ltd.

I would like to share my deep appreciation and gratitude for this Black Belt Training. I very much enjoyed the ease with which the trainer interacted with us. Excellent presentations in a collegial & friendly atmosphere. I knew nothing of the Minitab Tools when I began attending the training and left feeling confident & knowledgeable. Training exceeded the level of my expectations, very impressive and comprehensive. I would recommend this six sigma training course to anyone who really wants to learn six sigma.
-Aniyanta Bid, Sr Executive, HCL

The best thing os the training was the teaching style of the trainer. – Salil Nagpal, Manager Accounts, HTC India Pvt. Ltd. Benchmark has designed this course beautifully to make everyone proficient in the usage of Six Sigma tools.
-Vaibhav Bansal, Graduate Engineer Trainee, Nokia Siemens Networks

After attending the BB training in Benchmark, I have gained confidence in leading successful process improvement initiatives using the applications of Six Sigma DMAIC concepts.
-Livingstone James, Sr. Executive, Dell Services

Well structured course with good practical exercises.
-Munish Batta, Manager- IT & Information Security, Nokia Siemens Network Pvt. Ltd.