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Lean Six Sigma in Teaching/Education Industry

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Professor Jayakumar is extremely positive about the impact of certifications on the placement scene at his University.

Feedback from participants


This training program has provided me an insight of how macro level situations can be visualized through a micro dimension. It has helped me to modify my approach thinking level by seeing how world has moved at a very fast pace.
-Ajay Singh, Asst. Professor, Raj Kumar Goel Institute Of Technology.

The way the program is conducted is quite intersting, more informative and more useful.
-G.Stephen Vincent, Prof., St. Joseph College

I liked the group activities and the simple way of making understand the concepts of Lean.
-S.Karthi, Research Scholar, PSG College of Technology

He course design and approach towards training made this an enriching experience.
-Dr. B.Krishna Reddy, Professor and Chairman (Board of studies in Business Management), Osmania University

The Best training I have gone through in my life. I got the chance to hone my skills in statstics and Problem Solving.
-SivaKrishna Vangala, Supplier Analyst, North Carolina State University

The best part of course was the concept point of which we can understand the business function in overall manner and try to improve in a particular functional level as well as cross-functionally across the organisation. Second was the way the course has been delivered and how it has motivated to see the CTQ aspects in a quantifiable manner which can be improved upon with systematic study following the DMAIC steps in a very logical and scientific manner.
-Aarti Solanki, Asst Professor, NIFT

This program provided a new perspective of looking at things. -Abhirupa Sen, Student Facilitator & Analyst, Valued Epistimics Ltd. It is a programme that should be attended by all the functional area experts.
-A R Mishra, Assistant Professor, ITS (Green Belt)

Benchmark is the best place to pursue BB training as the trainer makes the complicated statistical content look very easy.
-R Raman, Associate Professor, Kohinoor Business School

Excellent approach to groom up new upcoming corporate executives.
-Souvik Halder, Trainer, NIIT.