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Lean Six Sigma in Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology Industry

As per the industry classification benchmark, this industry sector includes the following subsectors –

Biotechnology – Companies engaged in research into and development of biological substances for the purposes of drug discovery and diagnostic development, and which derive the majority of their revenue from either the sale or licensing of these drugs and diagnostic tools.

Pharmaceuticals – Manufacturers of prescription or over-the-counter drugs, such as aspirin, cold remedies and birth control pills. Includes vaccine producers.

  • Case Study Description

    In the process of growing amino-acids, multiple batches were found to contain contaminates.

    As the process took place in a reactor system which was closed to the atmosphere, the only possible source of contamination was the entry points. These entry points were used for nutrients, stabilizers etc to be pushed into the reactor. Chemical analysis of the ingredients showed traces of bacterial activity which was well within safety limits, repeated studies provided the same results and baffled the team. It was finally concluded that the failure of multiple batches was either the result of sabotage or a rare “bacterial quorum” phenomenon. Through designed experiments where traces of identified contaminants were treated to reactor conditions, it was found that multiple combinations resulted in “bacterial quorum”. Bacterial interactions were resulting in contamination levels far greater than sum of the parts.

    Various alternative solutions were considered including reduction in reactor time, increasing concentration of certain ingredients, change in certain ingredients, etc. Through multiple trials, an ideal solution was developed and implemented leading to smooth functioning and increased business from the pharma clients.

Feedback from participants


I have chosen Benchmark Six Sigma as a training providing after researching many training providers using the internet. It was found to be an economical and reliable source to avail training on Six Sigma Green Belt. After attending the course, I am very satisfied with my decision to go with Benchmark Six Sigma. I recommend Benchmark Six Sigma as a best training provider in Six Sigma Green Belt.
-Abdul Raheem, Quality Manager, Medical Devices Co.

This is applicable to all industries. Every professional should do at least Green belt level.
-Rohit Vatsa, Marketing executive, Accure Labs Pvt.Ltd.

The statistical approach (scientific approach) built by the trainer to solve the problems fast very effective.
-Jerry Rajamoney, Project Manager, Aris Global

Every professional should learn Six Sigma till at least Green belt level.
-Rohit Vatsa, Marketing executive, Accure Labs Pvt.Ltd.

Six Sigma is a professional approach that leads to fruitful results.
-Nand Kumar, clinical logistics manager, Parexel intl. (Pharmaceutical)

The faculty had an in-depth knowledge on the subject and was easy to access.
-Mansi J Malkan, Brand Manager, Roche Scientific

Benchmark Six Sigma has a wide variety of subjects, methods and new learning.It is nice program for begaininges.
– Nirav K Shah, Senior Manager, Teva API INDIA Ltd.

The way it was conducted , the course content and the way we were thought to think rather than learn by rote.
-Arun Subrahmanyan, Director, Satven Andmer

The Six Sigma Green Belt course is absolutely critical for anyone who is serious about doing things in the most efficient and effective manner.
-Arvind Arun, Asst Director, Satven Andmer

Well structured, course content, professional approach, that leads to fruitful results.
-Nand Kumar, clinical logistics manager, Parexel intl.

Learning is important but much more than that implementation of application for 6 sigma is much more important.
-Mallikarjun Patil Gowda, Dpty Manager – Oncology Product Development Team, Dr. Reddys Lab

To my surprise undergoing the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification at Benchmark has been a wonderful experience and made a significant change in the way I think. “This is the best learning in 11 Years of my experience.
-Markson Cherukuri, ASM, Ocimum Bio Solutions

I liked the program delivery and the team discussions done during the training.
-Hari Priya G G, Trait Development Executive, Monsanto Research Center

Excellent Course material & Coaching Technique.
-Dr Aparna Salunkhe, Study Specialist, Quintiles ECG Services

It is a “must do” for all who strive for excellent quality and improvements.
-Soni Phogat, Production and Quality Manager, Accolade Systems

The course material and the way it was tought to us, with very relevant jokes on the subject and some feed backs , anecdotes from us.
-Alok Dhawan, Head – Manufacturing Support, Allergan

Six sigma is a great tool to enchance objective and logical thinking directed towards problem solving using data-driven and factual figures.
-Shally Gupta, Quality Analyst, Accretive Health Service Pvt. Ltd.

Very good presentation and simplified way of explaining the skills and tools of Poka Yoke. The team is satisfied with the FMEA exercise and practical examples. Course content is very interesting. Look forward to hand holding on ongoing assignments and design FMEA.
-TSR Gautam Buddha, Director Packaging Development, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited.

The course is relvant to my projects.
-H.Kranthi Kumar, Junior Manager, Dr Reddy’s Laboratory

It is Benchmark who made Six sigma got understood so easily and the implementation became practical and achievable.
-Tarun Singh, Deputy Manager, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory

Analysis & interpretation of data and FMEA were taught in a very interesting and comprehending way.
-Banda Nagaraju, Manager, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

It’s a very good course which guides one to know the complete life cycle of a project with valuable information. It’s good for one who is in initial stage of his or her carrier.
-Sachin Sharma, Junior Manager, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory