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Lean Six Sigma in Oil Equipment, Services & Distribution

As per the industry classification benchmark, this industry sector includes the following subsectors –

Oil Equipment & Services – Suppliers of equipment and services to oil fields and offshore platforms, such as drilling, exploration, seismic-information services and platform construction.

Pipelines – Operators of pipelines carrying oil, gas or other forms of fuel.

  • Case Study Description
    • A large gas services company spends millions of rupees in marketing its lube products. It carried out market research to find out the methods to enhance sales in a specific geographical area so as to enable marketing & sales team to understand & adjust to the market dynamics. Through comprehensive market research, the company expects to channelize its resources well. The company saw short term benefits of proper budgeting & long term benefits arising through alignment to latent demands of the market. On completion of the research, the organization did statistical analysis to reach some important decisions.
    • Through the simulation and trial studies, one of the important decisions taken was – to utilize new methods to enhance the visibility and reach of its products. A new kit was finally designed for marketing people that included product range, schemes, PoP material, equivalent grades chart, retailer information sheets etc. Mistake proofing tools and methods were put in place to ensure that all information and documents are updated in time and only the latest information is shared. New processes were devised to improve the timely availability of latest updates and verification that the updates were communicated and the impact was studied fast enough.

Feedback from participants


I liked the instructor and course content of Benchmark Six Sigma.
-Arunjyoti Baruah, Manager-Employee Relations, OIL

The faculty’s expertise of the subject and presentation skills is excellent. Six Sigma program is a must for all middle & senior management corporate.
-Narendra Vashisht, Employees Relations Department, OIL

I was highly impressed by the structured way in which the training was conducted.
-Pradeep Kumar, Employees Relations Department, OIL.

Modern concepts and methods were used for the course.
-Ranadeb Das, Employees Relations Department, OIL.

I liked the design of the course and the faculty’s knowledge and ability.
-Srinagesh Pandiri, Arunjyoti Baruah, Manager-Employee Relations, OIL.