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Lean Six Sigma in Food Industry

As per the industry classification benchmark, this industry sector includes the following subsectors –

Farming & Fishing – Companies that grow crops or raise livestock, operate fisheries or own nontobacco plantations. Includes manufacturers of livestock feeds and seeds and other agricultural products.

Food Products – Food producers, including meatpacking, snacks, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and frozen seafood. Includes producers of pet food and manufacturers of dietary supplements, vitamins and related items.

Applications in Food Industry

Food Industry is one where it is critical to control quality. Given the huge number of people consuming the food products, even a small defect can assume critical dimensions and can have adverse impacts. Lean Six Sigma, hence, is very appropriate in Food Industry. In fact, the entire Food Supply Chain can benefit from the Six Sigma approach. Some of the examples of Six Sigma Projects in Food Processing and Distribution in this Industry are:

1. Reduction in distribution costs

2. Enhancing reliability of food products delivery

3. Reducing or Preventing wastage in case of perishable items

4. Improving delivery vehicle utilization

5. Improving adherence to schedules at delivery and collection points

6. Reduction in Maintenance costs/produced units

7. Enhancement in Productivity

8. Reduction in machine & plant maintenance cost

9. Reduction in processing machinery downtime

10. Enhancement in quality of packaging

Case Study Description

A large cold storage facility found that reduction in energy usage can lead to significant business benefits for the company. A cross functional team thought of using some heat recovery system to address the issue. It was decided that a new design shall be developed using the DMADV roadmap.

The idea was to install a heat exchanger that can recover heat from the hot gas discharge from compressors before the gas enters the condensers. This constant source of heat, if utilized would reduce the amount of steam supplied by boiler for water heating.

The new design when successfully implemented reduced the natural gas consumption of boiler by more than 20%. The project had a significantly high ROI when compared to other investment opportunities available to the company at the point in time.

Draw bench chains in mills are supposed to have a MTBF (mean time between failures) of 1-2 years. It was found that in one of the large mills, the chains had a trouble free life of only 0.2 to 0.3 years. A preliminary analysis led to causes as diverse as play adjustment, loosening adjustment, lubrication, overload, chordal action etc. A detailed analysis using data driven techniques led to the identification of root cause and its resolution.

Feedback from participants


It’s a must attend training course for professionals needing hike in position!
– Raja Raminder Singh, Shift Manager, Legacy Food Pvt. Ltd.

I would rate this as one of the very best training programs that I have attended. The ease with which a complex subject like six sigma was explained was amazing
– Seelam Nageshwar, Head Manufacturing, Wrigleys.

I liked the way the sessions were handled and also the time keeping and ambiance.
– Maharaja P, Senior Manager – Technical, Alaghentren India Pvt. Ltd.

Highly recommended course for senior managers who wants to initiate 6 Sigma programs.
– Shaikh Abdul Khadar, Head Of Planning, ARASCO.

Approach to issues, problem solving ability is sure to improve. Its transformation in 4 days, bundled with a lot of fun. A must take for every professional across functions.
– Karthik Ram Chandar, M.R., Indomie Noodles.

Problem solving methodology, decision making, quality improvement, use in marketing and scheduling of teaching were some good things about this program.
– Manish Bhatt, AM-Marketing, Sumul Co-op.

Benchmark Six Sigma is an epitome for six sigma training courses.
– Abhishek Mishra, Manager- Finance, Multipro Enterprises Ltd.

The training is designed and delivered in a way that is interactive and more thought provoking.
– Arun Tiwari, Area Sales Manager, Multipro Enterprises Ltd.