To Learn or to Execute?

If you’ve ever been in a corporate training session, chances are you’ve noticed fellow project managers coming in late, or not at all.┬áThe excuse is often, “There is so much pressure on the project that it’s very difficult to make time for training.” In my experience, project managers who choose work over training often expect […]

Essentials of Successful Project Schedule Planning: Part I

  Technically speaking, the project schedule is a key project planning component. But practically speaking, simply creating a project schedule does not guarantee project success. Project success requires the project manager to plan out a reliable, comprehensive and realistic schedule. The following three-pronged approach helps in creating such a schedule: set up a schedule planning […]

What’s the Story? Stakeholders Want to Know

There is nothing like a good story to connect with project stakeholders and team members. Storytelling has been used to communicate sophisticated ideas for millennia, ranging from the parables in the Bible to the morals found in fairy tales.Done right, storytelling is a captivating way to explain why your project (or a decision within the […]

Improving project management standards at Airbus

Change is hard, and project managers aren’t particularly good at doing it to themselves – in my experience we prefer to implement change for others. Kevin Baker, Head of Project & Programme Management Operations at Airbus, took on the challenge of changing the way they manage projects. I spoke to him about how he implemented […]