Announcement: Effective Meetings: Reloaded

Managing successful meetings is not a new subject, but neither is a waste of time to refresh ourselves about how best to manage meetings. Below I have some suggestions to bear in mind before, during and after meetings, when we are in charge of the meeting.  Objective. Define what the meeting is for and what […]

Announcement: Leadership: The Mission Is Vision

As a project manager, you’re a leader by default and as a leader, your job is to inspire your team to achieve a shared vision. That means you create an “inspiring vision” of the future and then build the expectation that the vision is achievable. An “inspiring vision” is not simply finishing your project, either. […]

Announcement: To Learn or to Execute?

If you’ve ever been in a corporate training session, chances are you’ve noticed fellow project managers coming in late, or not at all. The excuse is often, “There is so much pressure on the project that it’s very difficult to make time for training.” In my experience, project managers who choose work over training often expect […]