Use Realistic Tolerancing and Poka-yoke for Process Control

An organization needed to ensure the safe delivery of their product in its own packaging. To control its process improvement regarding seal strength, they used tools like poka-yoke and realistic tolerancing. The company targeted to reduce the percentage of improperly sealed products. A simple experiment made it clear that a tight range of acceptable values […]

Reducing Variability with DOE

The Therabath paraffin therapy bath (pictured below) is a durable medical device that holds one gallon of molten paraffin wax. Sufferers of osteoarthritis use it for physical therapy. They dip their hands repeatedly in the heated bath, which helps loosen stiff joints. The wax then slowly solidifies as a glove, producing further therapeutic benefits via […]

Manufacturer Vendor Partnership Cost Cutting With Six Sigma

A multibillion-dollar software manufacturer needed to drive down the total $191 million annual cost of supplying its workers with continuously updated workstations. Both the software manufacturer and its primary vendor/supplier were in the midst of an aggressive cost cutting initiative that would lead to a new compensation model. The initial, first year targeted savings goal […]

Speeding Up Account Opening Using Lean Six Sigma

Account opening is supposedly the most critical and important process in the financial services industry, as this transaction is the beginning of the customer-company relationship. Any good or bad experience during an account opening activity can leave a long-lasting impression on the prospective customer. For obvious reasons, financial services providers have to be particularly wary […]