Bank Deposits: A Black Belt Case Study

The Black Belt began working at online bank, and his first project involved the process of how deposits were made to this bank. Since it was an “online” bank, there were no branches for customers to use. Instead, deposits were mailed using the United States Postal Service (USPS). Savings resulting from the lack of branches […]

Manufacturer Vendor Partnership Cost Cutting With Six Sigma

A multibillion-dollar software manufacturer needed to drive down the total $191 million annual cost of supplying its workers with continuously updated workstations. Both the software manufacturer and its primary vendor/supplier were in the midst of an aggressive cost cutting initiative that would lead to a new compensation model. The initial, first year targeted savings goal […]

Using Six Sigma to Solve Issues in Public School System

Two years ago, businessman Jim Weigel, who was president of the school board for Adams County School District 12 in Thornton, Colo., USA, gave his fellow board members an unusual holiday gift. Each of them received a copy of the book The Six Sigma Way (McGraw-Hill, 2000) by Peter Pande, Robert Neuman and Roland Cavanagh. […]

Banquets Revenue Maximization (BRM)

  One of the recent projects in a hotel was called Banquets Revenue Maximization (BRM). Since space was always there with the property, the team wanted to exploit it as much as it could. See full story on