DMAIC Helps Agency Craft Green Electronics Plan

Energy saving is becoming the core of all new business initiatives nowadays. P&R IM (Personnel and Readiness Information Management), implemented a DMAIC plan in 2008 that would help the department achieve sustainable energy efficiency while gaining electronics stewardship. The plan was to incorporate the environmental impact of the acquisition and management of IT, and include […]

Reducing Variability with DOE – A Case Study on Propagation of Error (POE)

The Therabath paraffin therapy bath (pictured below) is a durable medical device that holds one gallon of molten paraffin wax. Sufferers of osteoarthritis use it for physical therapy. They dip their hands repeatedly in the heated bath, which helps loosen stiff joints. The wax then slowly solidifies as a glove, producing further therapeutic benefits via […]

Finding the Sigma Level of Customer Complaints

In the beginning of a deployment, many companies set a goal of 3.4 defects per million opportunities (DPMO) using Six Sigma quality concepts in production, and later extend this concept to other operational areas. Fewer companies, however, have extended Six Sigma from a manufacturing application to manage customer satisfaction or customer complaints. But it is […]