6 Steps To Running a B2B Lean Experiment | High Tech in the Hub

  The following are the steps to run an effective B2B experiment: Step 1: Define Critical Hypotheses to Test: Before the lean experiment is created, define the critical hypothesis that has to be tested. It is important to focus solely on the essential hypotheses. Focus on essential hypotheses will make sure that the experiment is […]

Achieving Lean Manufacturing through Lean Design

Lean manufacturing is functioning with maximum productivity and process efficiency, while generating quality products. Manufacturers must employ lean manufacturing to continue to be competitive. They should make use of techniques like process simulation modeling. Maintaining value with less work and effort is possible if techniques like lean design and problem solving ate employed. It becomes […]

Continuous improvement: Limits or Basis for Innovation?

  Standardization is something that people are expected follow like law. In The Toyota Way Fieldbook, a house was brought into use to exemplify the various types of standards. Specifications for standardization of the product and process generally come from engineering, and standard processes come from a variety of specialty departments. Toyota encompasses all the […]