Why Use Six Sigma?

Here are some reasons why we should be using Six Sigma to make process improvements: a.) It is a structured approach – if we follow the process, people will not forget any important steps along the way before they implement the solution. b.) It helps quantify the benefits and thus make it easier to sell […]

A new definition of Lean Six Sigma

Most of the textbook definitions of Six Sigma talk about Six Sigma being a strategy, methodology, metric, philosophy etc. There is another definition that I use in my training programs frequently. Lean Six Sigma provides you with world best methods of data driven decision making. See full story on benchmarksixsigma.com

How Lean Six Sigma Impacts Your Future? – Benchmark Six Sigma Learn & Share

Lean Six Sigma learning can impact your future in several ways. Enhanced ability to make the right decisions – Professional and business success depends on this. Lean Six Sigma provides a set of world’s best decision approaches that have proved their worth in a wide variety of settings. It pays to learn these techniques. See […]

What Is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a powerful methodology that can be used to improve business processes. It is a structured approach to problem solving that can be applied to any process – manufacturing, sales, marketing, IT, BPO, accounting, purchasing, you name it. All processes have variation. Variation is the cause of all evil – it leads to […]