Announcement: 6 warning signs that your first Business Process Management (BPM) project is about to derail

  Business Process Management (BPM) projects show clear signs of warning when things are not moving as per the plan. #1: Investing in the software, without caring about the business needs: The process is not just about getting the software installed, but understanding the business and strategizing to make it better. While technology does play […]

Announcement: Creating Desire for Change | Learning is Change

Modern change agents have all kinds of proven tools and resources for creating awareness and encouraging desire. It’s been said that people don’t mind change, but they mind being changed. This idea is worth thinking about in the context of organizational and personal change. It reminds me of the classic musical, Fiddler on the Roof. […]

Announcement: Achieving Perfection Through Simple Changes

It was found that the most effective process controls are derived from the approach known as “poka yoke,” or “mistake proofing”. The mistake proof processes are systems that do not stand defects, prevent the errors or, in the least, identify them at a very early stage. The purpose of mistake proofing devices is to incorporate […]