Tools Used In Lean

Even though Lean and Six Sigma are more than a set of tools. Here are some commonly used tools / methodologies in Lean: Waste Identification Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Continuous Improvement (Kaizen) Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Metrics (Cycle Time, TAKT Time, Process Cycle Efficiency) Planning (A3, Hoshin-Kanri) Mistake Proofing (Poka-Yoke) See full story on

A Plan for a Five-day Kaizen

The intent of any Kaizen is improvement, specifically process improvement, and more specifically in some combination of three primary metrics: throughput, inventory and product/process cost. The metrics are established to provide a guidepost for progress toward a goal – a gauge of success (or failure). Use of metrics is non-negotiable. This means that collecting data […]

HR should lead with Lean – part 1: value mapping

When it comes to the bottom line, too many top execs focus on offshore opportunities rather than going lean onshore. Instead of rushing to offshore in an attempt to achieve rapid cost reduction for production activities, companies should work with HR to develop and execute lean management processes. According to Jason Piatt, President of Praestar […]

What is lean management?

Lean management is an important part of lean thinking. As we implement lean in any organization the traditional way of managing does not guarantee right focus nor help sustaining lean initiatives. If no action is taken to change the way we manage process, people and products we are likely to see failure of lean implementations. […]