Tools Used In Lean

Even though Lean and Six Sigma are more than a set of tools. Here are some commonly used tools / methodologies in Lean: Waste Identification Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Continuous Improvement (Kaizen) Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Metrics (Cycle Time, TAKT Time, Process Cycle Efficiency) Planning (A3, Hoshin-Kanri) Mistake Proofing (Poka-Yoke) See full story on

Lean Six Sigma: What Is It?

  Originally, Lean and Six Sigma were seen as competing methods.  The Lean approach focused on minimizing lead time for a given process, seeking speed and efficiency.  Six Sigma focused on minimizing variability in a given process, seeking to minimize minimizing defects in output.  Followers of each approach were quick to point out the shortcomings […]

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Mars One plans to colonize the place by 2023. The fifteen year-old dream project of CEO Bas Lansdorp is in the process of organizing a series of missions to the red planet. As more companies like SpaceX emerge from the private sector, it is quickly becoming a possibility that the first human on Mars could […]