Implementation of Six Sigma in Customer Service

  Lean Six Sigma is a quality management theory that provides the blueprint to the businesses to work on the processes and minimize ineffective practices that add to bad customer service. The Lean Six Sigma model can help companies to pay attention on developing and delivering near-perfect products and services. The implementation of Six Sigma […]


  Why every small business owner needs to at least investigate both the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies and disciplines for use in their business, if not get certified themselves (if not, a least a trusted key employee). Part One will consist of my reasoning why Lean and Six Sigma should be used, while Part […]

Why are All Manufacturing Companies not Practicing The Six Sigma Strategy

  Businesses that are into producing are highly familiar in the Six Sigma strategy and how it makes a contribution to the standard of output being brought to shoppers. Six Sigma strategy is a core tool in improving quality not just in products but also in manufacturing processes. The general idea of Six Sigma is […]

Benefits of Lean Six Sigma

  I have personally have seen that senior management in many organizations view Lean Six Sigma as another quality improvement initiative or flavor of the month. We are often told by many engineers and managers in small and big companies that there is nothing really new in Lean Six Sigma compared to other quality initiatives […]