Why Six Sigma Black Belts Make Better Leaders

Six Sigma Black Belts receive hand-on experience of dealing with process improvement projects while gaining a leadership competency. These qualities help in making the Six Sigma Black Belts, leaders, not just in the functional but in the business expanses too. They gain a deep understanding of the working at the shop floor along with the […]

Lean Principles Must Expand Beyond Shop Floor

As a sales rep for Tier 2 and 3 suppliers to original equipment manufacturers starting in the mid 1980s, I remember trying to comply with the JIT and SPC requirements of my customers. I took an intensive 100-hour class in 1993 to get my certificate in Total Quality Management to be prepared for the future, […]

What Motivates Blockers to Resist Change?

Blockers; they are people who deliberately try to stop or slow down a process improvement. They can be found in any and every organization and are not necessarily the conventional, senior members. In fact, they can very well be young professionals who are not adaptive to changes. Studies have revealed 4 types of blockers who […]