How to Prioritize the Steps in Your Lean Journey

To overcome the organizational paralysis that comes from overanalyzing lean projects, manufacturers can benefit from faster implementation of solutions that are “good” rather than “perfect” with a commitment to leverage iterative development more frequently in their processes. It has become increasingly important to show rapid results along the lean journey. While this is critical to […]

7 Steps for Leading Lean with Respect for People

Without mastering these seven foundational behavioral skills, even with their heart in the right place, leaders fumble their presence at the gemba and, consequently, feel disappointed by the bottom-line results they get from their lean efforts. With Lean Thinking, Jim Womack and Dan Jones ushered a true (and rare) revolution in management thinking: To deliver […]

Is There a Role for Six Sigma in a Lean Transformation?

There is definitely a place for Six Sigma as part of a lean transformation. The only downside I’ve seen over the years to a “Six Sigma initiative” is that sometimes overzealous advocates squander scarce resources chasing near perfection when it simply isn’t necessary and doesn’t make good business sense. Here’s how I think about a […]

6 Steps To Running a B2B Lean Experiment | High Tech in the Hub

  The following are the steps to run an effective B2B experiment: Step 1: Define Critical Hypotheses to Test: Before the lean experiment is created, define the critical hypothesis that has to be tested. It is important to focus solely on the essential hypotheses. Focus on essential hypotheses will make sure that the experiment is […]