Announcement: Ratios: Abuses and Misuses!

Probably no family of statistical measures is more prone to honest misuses and wanton abuses than that of the percent. In this article we survey a variety of ways that percents misinform, mislead and misdirect. Improper comparisons and faulty conclusions about ratios result from statistical ignorance. H. G. Wells once said: “Statistical thinking will one […]

Six Sigma Trims Turnover Time for Orthopedic Surgeries

A cross functional team was involved in decreasing the turnover times for the operating rooms(OR) in orthopedic and neurosurgical spine cases at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital in Houston, Texas. The main goal of the Six Sigma project was to improve staff satisfaction and reduce the process variability. The average turnover for the OR was set […]

Finding the Green in Lean Six Sigma

Are environmental concerns a part of Lean Thinking? Well, companies such as GE and 3M have implemented Green ideas along with Six Sigma tactics and have profited from them! For GE, reduction in the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission below 2004 levels, was a challenge they took up. Pebbles, Ohio is facility of GE’s […]