Announcement: The Mighty WOMBAT: A Simple Approach to Finding Muda

WOMBAT stands for Waste Of Money, Brains And Time. For those who work in the forefront of the process need to understand and apply Lean process improvement methodologies soon to observe results. It is crucial to conduct training or lean process improvement workshops which are based on Lean principles for these workers. Lean process improvement […]

Announcement: Implementation of Six Sigma Tollgate and Priority Matrix

Six sigma initiatives have become a regular and necessary technique to reduce the costs of the company. But implementation of individual ideas often conflict with the overall culture, and policies of the organization. One of the major barriers in implementing seemingly significant process improvement ideas, is when they clash with the holistic view. That’s when […]

Announcement: Six Sigma leadership takes the trauma out of change- a Lean Six Sigma Change

The purpose of Six Sigma is to organize, analyze and promote the best people and business processes to increase effectiveness and profitability. The use of Six Sigma leadership tools helps in making the change accepting process easier and simpler for everyone. The management and people must be informed about company’s current financial situation and the […]

Announcement: Successful Lean Six Sigma Projects Start with Proper Metric Selection

To evaluate a successful shift in a project, measuring the metrics before and after the implementation is crucial. It will then define, that the analysis and resolution of the problem were calculated and not by chance. An instance where a suitable metric was required, is when company XYZ wanted to measure and evaluate why it […]