The Role Culture Plays in Continuous Improvement

Imagine walking through a business and discovering that all of the employee communication boards are six months out of date. Imagine that the red, yellow, green production status lights were all set to green and then overhearing an employee say that he could not remember the last time someone used the yellow or red status […]

Operational Excellence trends in financial services

  Given the on-going legislative upheaval within financial services, it’s no wonder that there’s a lot of noise surrounding Operational Excellence. The question on our lips though is this: Is it just noise, or are there real moves towards achieving the excellence the industry says it aspires to? This year, ahead of Operational Excellence Financial […]

7 Steps for Leading Lean with Respect for People

Without mastering these seven foundational behavioral skills, even with their heart in the right place, leaders fumble their presence at the gemba and, consequently, feel disappointed by the bottom-line results they get from their lean efforts. With Lean Thinking, Jim Womack and Dan Jones ushered a true (and rare) revolution in management thinking: To deliver […]