A Comparison of Measurement System Analysis Metrics: Part 2 of 2

A simulation study was undertaken to quantify the relationship between guard banding, percent tolerance (also known as the precision-to-tolerance [P/T] ratio), and the probability of misclassification – all in the presence of varying distributions for both part values and gage error. A response surface designed experiment was utilized to generate a balanced set of factor level […]

A Comparison of Measurement System Analysis Metrics: Part 1 of 2

Measurement system analysis has been a major part of process characterizations and improvements, with key guidance from the original Automotive Industry Action Group reference manual. There has been some critical review, particularly of summary metrics such as gage repeatability and reproducibility (GR&R) and percent tolerance (also known as precision-to-tolerance ratio) and what are considered acceptable […]

Is Your Company Solving the Right Problems?

If you want to solve problems in your business and see positive results, then start asking the right questions. How many times have you and your colleagues identified a business critical problem, conducted intense brainstorming sessions, developed a seemingly flawless improvement strategy, and gone forth to execute the plan — only to realize that productivity […]

Why Manufacturers Should Take a Lean Approach to Pricing

Manufacturers that rely on forward-looking predictive models to set prices are able to identify and reduce wasteful pricing processes while reducing over-discounting. It’s well-established that manufacturers who follow lean principles create significant profitability improvements over time, all while meeting and exceeding customer expectations. From production line workers to the board of directors to sales and […]