It’s the People That Matter

Lean first entered the healthcare industry 15 years ago; however, people are still a little terrified as to how its implementation will affect them. Six Sigma on the other hand has been there for even longer in healthcare industry. Originally, hospital organisations didn’t know much about Lean so they tried to find out about it […]

Lean Six Sigma in Telesales : Part 2 of 2

  Lean Six Sigma in Telesales   The first part of the article talked about ways to address the NVA (non-value added) processes to optimize outbound telesales. Agent-assisted automation is a technology that can help to keep them under check. This system basically automates the work of an agent thus eliminating the chances of dialing […]

Drive Improvements in Outbound Telesales with Lean Six Sigma: Part 1 of 2

Outbound Telesales is an arena that sees a lot of scope in terms of improvement. This is one of the very few sectors which might keep the management engaged. That is because, improvement in this area means not just increased revenue but also decreased cost in sustaining the revenue. Lean Six Sigma in Telesales elucidates […]

Micromanage the Process by Respecting People

In a financial services company a business unit was undergoing a serious and sudden productivity crisis. The reports showed the numbers which validated the plummeting performance and the company’s president wanted to know the reason of the productivity crisis and what would be done to fix it. After the review of the report, the vice […]