Announcement: Achieving Perfection Through Simple Changes

It was found that the most effective process controls are derived from the approach known as “poka yoke,” or “mistake proofing”. The mistake proof processes are systems that do not stand defects, prevent the errors or, in the least, identify them at a very early stage. The purpose of mistake proofing devices is to incorporate […]

Announcement: 8 Essentials of Building a Strong Team

It’s no secret that high-performing companies have high-performing teams. But how do you build such a team in your organization? Clearly defining and communicating your company’s vision, mission and values are essential. While this is typically recommended for employee alignment and buy-in, its ability to empower employees isn’t as widely recognized. Understand that leadership is […]

Creating & Encouraging Desire for Change

Modern change agents have all kinds of proven tools and resources for creating awareness and encouraging desire. It’s been said that people don’t mind change, but they mind being changed. This idea is worth thinking about in the context of organizational and personal change. It reminds me of the classic musical, Fiddler on the Roof. […]