Announcement: Technology’s evolving role in supporting continuous improvement

Continuous improvement has always had a strained relationship with technology, for both good reasons and bad. One of the good is that doing things manually and building your own systems can be a one of the most productive means of learning you can create. One of the worst reasons is that because Toyota wasn’t using […]

Announcement: What corporations can learn from yoga

  A multi-tasking culture perpetuates a less productive culture, Here’s what we can all learn from yoga for our tech-crazed, string of endless email notifications, red-flagged, urgent message, reply immediately lives. Communications technology has accelerated the pace of business and trading in the global marketplace, but it has also increased the number of way to […]

Announcement: SIPOC: Beyond Process Mapping

The Six Sigma tool SIPOC (supplier, input, process, output, customer) is used to process map at a high level. The following are the elements of an SIPOC: ‘S’ stands for supplier; provides inputs to a process. ‘I’ is the input that is used to produce outputs from a process. ‘P’ stands for process, which is […]

Announcement: 8 Steps to Proper Operational Process Change

Organizations focus on process improvement to achieve excellence but most of the times process improvement neglects an important aspect of establishing process change. It is implausible to change the process without establishing process discipline. There are eight steps to achieve process change in a proper fashion making discipline the focal point. The first step is […]