Announcement: Are you delivering real medicine or just placebos to your business?

  I think there are two common business placebos to which we often turn when we’re looking for improvements in our performance. One I would term a performance reporting placebo and the other I’d call a technological placebo. The first – performance reporting placebo – looks like this: a business comes up with new forecasts, […]

Announcement: Leadership: the Force Multiplier of Kaizen

While tens or hundreds or even thousands of small kaizens are happening throughout the bowels of an organization, imagine the impact of just a handful of kaizens at the executive and especially CEO level. Instead of saving a thousand bucks here and there – which can definitely add up – a CEO that effectively practices […]

Announcement: Getting Known Good Ideas Adopted

We seem to spend all sorts of time and energy focused on new branding for management ideas when we would be better off focusing on how to get organizations to adopt good practices.I think the distraction with finding new ways of clothing the same old ideas is a distraction that prevents focus where it would […]