Announcement: Organizations talk about quality, but how do they do it?

These days the main focus of the organizations is quality and that is gauged by production and manufacturing. The concept of quality is not that easy and creating a culture of quality is quite challenging. Paul Borawski from ASQ, pointed out in his blog that culture is about behavior and behavior is feelings driven. Lycoming […]

Announcement: Why Business Process Management (BPM) is like growing a garden

We turn to process when the weeds have overgrown our gardens and we need to fight back, but rarely do we spend the time to put BPM in place to ensure that the weeds never get big enough to warrant a project. But with the weeds we have the opportunity to show how process can […]

Announcement: The 5S of Communication

Lean 5S (sort, simplify, shine, standardize, sustain) are about creating work space to become more proficient, effective and productive. Lean 5S have many benefits like improvement of safety, reduction in down time, boost in morale of the employee, faster identification of the problems and establishment of best work practices. Lean 5S are also used to […]

Announcement: 5 things process excellence professionals can learn from nurses

Five things that Process Excellence Professionals learn from nurses are: 1. Like nurses are being advocated by the patients Process Excellence Professionals (PEX Pro) also need to be advocates of the customers of the process. When incorporating improvements, it’s crucial to always be customer centric. 2. A nurse needs to be extremely patient and compassionate. […]