Announcement: Learning Is Now More Important Than Knowledge

When I encounter a “subject matter expert,” I’ve now learned to assess if this person is a “knowledge holder,” or a “learning individual.”  In our business – project and program management – there are lots of “knowledge” providers, assessors of knowledge, frameworks for measuring our knowledge. What is needed now is how to learn to […]

Announcement: Lean Survival Strategies in the Textile Industry

The Carolinas also used to be synonymous with the U.S. textile industry, back when the United States still had a domestic textile industry. Thanks to the offshoring of jobs to low-cost labor countries in Latin America and China, the number of workers employed at U.S. textile companies is down to around 240,000, a far cry […]

Announcement: Seven Skills of a Lean Leader

“Does your company really matter?” he asked the audience. Would customers suffer a loss if your doors closed? For most companies, the answer likely is “no,” he said. Recognizing that, companies must set the bar high, providing value to customers in a way that is uniquely their own. Ariens’ unique path to astounding its customers […]

Announcement: To Learn or to Execute?

If you’ve ever been in a corporate training session, chances are you’ve noticed fellow project managers coming in late, or not at all. The excuse is often, “There is so much pressure on the project that it’s very difficult to make time for training.” In my experience, project managers who choose work over training often expect […]

Announcement: Six Sigma Brings $200K Cost Savings To County Schools

The Aiken County public school system recently celeated the success of a cost-saving strategy that led to a reduction in expenditure by as much as $200,000 in a span of two years. In 2010, the Savannah River Remediation (SRR) encouraged schools at Aiken County to reduce their energy consumption by applying Six Sigma strategies to […]