Project Management: Information Sharing

It’s true that project managers pass a lot of data and information back and forth to other project managers, clients, and team members. This information could be specifications or instructions related to project or client deliverables, or it could be strictly internal, organizational role-specific data. Either way, data needs to be consistent across project managers […]

5 Bits of Project Management Advice I Don’t Intend to Forget

  Sometimes we are lucky enough to come across people who give us exactly the piece of advice we need in the moment when we most need it. I have been lucky enough to be in this situation a few times and I definitely won’t forget some of the terrific pieces of advice I was […]

5 Steps to Being a Successful Project Manager

    If you want to make a success of your role in project management then it pays to take the right steps. There are a lot of these but I have picked out the 5 which I think are most important. If you come to project management from the business side of things then […]

Project Management Office Failures – PM Hut

Most organizations that manage projects have a Project Management Office.A Project Management Office or a PMO is a department within an organization that has sole responsibility of improving the management of projects across the entire organization.The PMO aims to give project managers a clear methodology to work with.The PMO team defines and maintains the project […]